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Star Pro International offers security guard training classes and will assist with jobs searches and placement. Stay qualified and on top of the latest security guard training regulations and education courses.





The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services requires all security guards to be certified and registered with the proper training and certificates, which are all offered at our training facility. We can certify anyone becoming a security guard and also provide any current security guard additional training or re-certification.

We are now operating in a new state-of-the-art training facility in Riverside. This provides efficient learning and improves employee comprehension, yielding superior security officers.


Star Pro offers an 80-hour training academy, which includes all of the classes listed below. Please inquire for pricing.

Now Offering Operator/Tactical Classes

Guard card certification, Phase I ($110), Phase II ($100), Phase III ($140)

Quarterly requalifications ($50)

Annual recertification ($75)

Exposed firearm permit ($275)

Shotgun and rifle certification ($375)

Handgun, rifle, and shotgun safety and handling class ($25)

Baton card certification ($165)

Chemical agent-OC stray/tear gas certification ($70)

CPR/first aid/AED certification ($80)

Taser/electronic control devices class ($165)